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Welcome to Dembones, home of The Bridge Street Clinic - over 30 years experience in Osteopathy & Complementary Medicine


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The Asthma Action Plan by John Chapman

This book is rarely available at present.  We are hoping the book will eventually be re-published, as soon as a suitable publisher can be found.  However, the Amazon web site may be able to supply it, or for second hand copies try E-bay.

Asthma Action Plan  
John Chapman
Our Price: 5.99

Availability: We expect to be able to find this title for you within 4-6 weeks. Please note that titles occasionally go out of print or publishers run out of stock.

Also search on E-bay for second hand copies.

Paperback - 176 pages (6 May, 1992)
HarperCollins; ISBN: 0722528434


Note: The cover depicted to the right was taken from its first publication.


This is a straightforward asthma action plan to help manage the condition at home and at work. As well as following medical advice, there are many positive self-help steps that may be taken towards alleviating some of the distressing symptoms of asthma. Based on 20 years' experience of practising complementary therapies, with a special emphasis on asthma patients, the author of this book sets out a personal action plan including herbal and homeopathic medicine, techniques for mind and breathing control, vitamin and mineral supplementation and advice on what foods to avoid. The author also shows how other therapies, such as hypnosis, osteopathy, Alexander Technique, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology and Bach remedies may be employed in treating asthma.


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